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Best networks by buying sponsored post

Best networks buying sponsored post

When exploring the realm of sponsored content and blogging, it’s essential to understand the mechanics and benefits of the top sponsored post networks available to bloggers and influencers. These networks act as intermediaries that bridge the gap between brands seeking exposure and bloggers or influencers capable of providing that visibility through their platforms. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the best networks for buying sponsored posts, offering valuable insights for brands looking to invest in this form of marketing.

Best networks buying sponsored post


Upfluence features powerful search capabilities that allow brands to identify influencers based on very specific criteria such as keywords, location, engagement rate, and even past collaboration performance. It’s a great tool for brands aiming to find the perfect fit for their campaigns.

Real clever

Real clever is an excellent choice for brands looking for a streamlined and user-friendly platform. It offers a clean dashboard that simplifies the process of managing campaigns and provides clear instructions. The 60-day payout period after campaign completion might be a downside, but the platform’s ease of use and effectiveness can compensate for this wait.


Izea offers one of the broadest ranges of opportunities, working with various types of content creators, from bloggers and Instagrammers to YouTubers and photographers. With its extensive network, Izea connects brands with influencers across virtually any niche, ensuring that all marketing needs are met.


Activate is known for its community-focused approach, connecting brands with a vast network of influencers across multiple platforms. It provides tools for managing campaigns and analyzing their effectiveness, making it a comprehensive choice for serious influencer collaborations.

Best networks buying sponsored post : Influence.co

Influence.co is not only a platform to connect brands with influencers but also a social network for the influencer community. It allows brands to browse influencer profiles which include detailed portfolios and past collaborations, offering deep insights into the influencers’ capabilities.


Linqia specializes in connecting brands with influencers within the parenting and lifestyle niches. The platform operates on a pay-per-click model, which means that payment is based on the engagement the sponsored post generates. This can be particularly beneficial for brands as they pay for performance, ensuring they get value from their investment.

Tap influence

Tap influence is well-regarded for its organizational prowess, although it may take some time to start receiving offers. For brands, the proactive approach recommended for bloggers—such as reaching out and asking for insights—can also apply. Engaging with the network can help in tailoring the offers to better suit brand needs and preferences.


BrandBacker focuses on key industries like beauty, fashion, health, and food. It offers tools for content tracking and performance analysis, making it easier for brands to monitor the impact of their campaigns and adjust strategies as needed.


Acorn is notable for its inclusivity, working with influencers and bloggers at all levels of fame and influence. It connects brands with high-profile names such as Johnson & Johnson, P&G, and Kraft. Its wide reach makes it an attractive option for brands looking to tap into diverse market segments.


Fohr offers a unique approach by providing detailed influencer analytics, including a card that verifies the authenticity of an influencer’s followers and engagement. This transparency is vital for brands that want to ensure they partner with influencers who have a genuine and engaged audience.


Octoly is unique because it focuses on free product reviews. Brands provide free products to influencers, who then review them honestly. This model can be particularly effective for beauty and fashion sectors where product authenticity in reviews drives consumer trust.

Aspire IQ

Aspire IQ is particularly strong in facilitating paid blogging opportunities on platforms like Instagram. It allows brands and influencers to negotiate directly concerning payment and campaign specifics, offering a flexible approach to sponsored content.

Best networks buying sponsored post : Cooperatize

Cooperatize specializes in travel and lifestyle sectors by connecting brands with relevant bloggers and influencers who create original content to promote tourism and related services. This network is excellent for brands looking to enhance their visibility in these niches.

Blog meets brand

This network is praised for its simplicity in signing up and creating profiles. Blog Meets Brand excels at matching brands with suitable influencers based on the niche and follower engagement, making it an excellent choice for targeted marketing campaigns.

Best networks buying sponsored post : choosing the right network

When selecting a sponsored post network, brands need to consider a variety of crucial factors to ensure their chosen network aligns well with their marketing strategies and goals.

Importance of niche relevance

Firstly, niche relevance is key; it’s important for a network to either specialize in or have a strong presence within the brand’s industry or target audience. This specificity ensures that the influencers accessible through the network are more likely to resonate with the brand’s intended consumer base.

Prioritizing engagement metrics

Moreover, engagement metrics are more indicative of success than mere reach or follower counts, as they reflect actual interaction with content rather than just potential views. Thus, brands should prioritize networks that emphasize engagement metrics. Additionally, flexibility and control are essential as they allow brands to influence how their products are presented and who represents them, ensuring that the brand’s values and image are accurately reflected.

Ensuring ease of use and support

Ease of use and support are also critical considerations. A user-friendly platform backed by excellent customer support can greatly enhance the efficiency of campaign management, making it easier for brands to launch, monitor, and modify campaigns as needed.

Specialization in specific industries

Furthermore, choosing networks that specialize in specific industries can be beneficial. Such networks provide access to influencers who are not just popular but also pertinent and credible within the relevant sector.

Verifying influencer authenticity

Networks offering tools that verify influencer authenticity and provide accurate engagement metrics can safeguard brands against investing in partnerships that might yield low impact.

Comprehensive campaign management features

Lastly, comprehensive campaign management features that include tools for campaign creation, management, and analysis can streamline the entire process, making it more efficient and potentially leading to better outcomes. Each of these considerations plays a crucial role in choosing the right sponsored post network that can meet a brand’s specific needs effectively.

Final thoughts

While these networks offer significant opportunities, it’s crucial for brands to not solely rely on follower count when selecting influencers. Engagement, authenticity, and relevance often yield better returns on investment. Diversifying across several networks can also increase the chances of finding the right influencers and maximizing the impact of your sponsored content campaigns.

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